I use my childhood, and music as a springboard for my work.  Most of my recent projects include food related items. I adore the feeling of childlike joy I obtain from producing food from my imagination. Whether it is “faux” or edible food I only use items that I personally revere. I am therefore reflecting my own adolescence through these installations. In addition to this concept I use is music as a secondary creative outlet. As I listen to a song images begin to appear in my mind.  I create a sketch of these images and from these sketches a three-dimensional object is materialized. I like to play with, or skew the every day products that most would recognize, only to use these objects in a way that is impossible in reality. Scale, color and the nature of gravity are some of the ways I achieve these “impossibilities”. I worship color… especially the highly saturated ones; and I’m drawn like a moth to a light when it comes to glitter, crystals or anything that sparkles.


Krystal Gannon